Charles Island, San Juan Islands, WA

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Our last few weeks in London went by in a blur. There was so much to do and organise, so many goodbyes to say, and so many different emotions swirling around in my head that, at some point, I think my senses all went a little bit numb. I went into ‘get it done’ mode where I started ticking all the things off my to-do list, and meanwhile forgot to soak up those final days in London and yield to the mix of emotions I was feeling.

I think, more than anything, I needed to be forced to slow way down, to practically pause, in order to reflect on all the different feelings in my head, and I can’t think of a better place than this wonderful little island.

The kids and I flew from London to Seattle, and the very next day we were all on a ferryboat out in the beautiful archipelago of the San Juan Islands. I could feel my senses coming alive as we sailed further out to the islands, overcome with a feeling of comfort and a happiness to be ‘home’ in this special place.

As we neared the island, we could see my grandparents standing on the dock, waving and welcoming us as they’ve done my whole life. My childhood memories flooding back, I sat on the boat with Marlow on my lap and the bigger kids sitting next to me. I felt so grateful to be able to show my children a piece of my own childhood, a contrast to the life they’ve known in London.

We spent five sunny, wonderful days out on the island. We went for long walks in our pyjamas, collected treasures, watched the eagles in the sky and the seals in the sea, picked vegetables and berries from the garden, gathered eggs from the chicken coop, cooked meals together, played cards, read books, watched the sun set, and… enjoyed it all again the following day. We paused, we felt. It felt good.

I’m so thankful for this summer with family, adjusting to this new rhythm in familiar stomping grounds, and allowing the excitement to build for our upcoming adventure.

6 thoughts on “Charles Island, San Juan Islands, WA

  1. What a beautiful place to begin your holiday. It all looks absolutely stunning. I am so looking forward to following your journey. Emma

  2. A truely magical place!
    Reminds me a little of my childhood summers spent in Greece running around the fields freely all day… This year I went for the first time with my kids and it brought back so Magny memories.

    I’ m really looking foreward to follow you along on this exciting journey.

  3. wonderful wonderful i have been to the islands a couple times, beautiful. i look forward to one day (maybe in 2 years) sending my boys to camp on orcas. what a super way to start your year of travel.

  4. Memories from childhood are magical!!! Family, wonderful nature are the best source of the life energy and inspiration.

  5. I am blown away by your year of traveling, and equally so by your grandparents home and (what looks to be a) beautiful lifestyle. What incredible people they must be! I so look forward to following along and being inspired through the winter!

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