Making seashell mobiles with Ivy

shell mobiles
seashell mobiles
Ivy making mobile
making shell mobiles
Ivy's shell mobile

I think it’s a sign of a good day when you reach the late afternoon and you’ve never gotten out of your pyjamas. Last week the kids and I spent a few lazy days in my family’s little beach house on Bainbridge Island. We woke up late, went for long beach walks, collected treasures and… and somehow never found the time to change out of our pyjamas.

One afternoon Ivy and I decided to make shell mobiles from all the seashells and sticks we’d found on the beach. We had been collecting shells with holes in them for this very purpose, and we had finally collected enough to sit down together and put them to use. Ivy made her mobile all by herself, carefully stringing the shells and tying the knots in equal measure. She explained to me that she wanted longer strings on each end of her mobile and a shorter one in the middle (symmetry! a girl after my own heart!). We were both so proud of the end result, we hung her mobile up on the wall behind our bed.

We ended the week with greasy hair, dirty feet, rested minds and happy hearts.

6 thoughts on “Making seashell mobiles with Ivy

  1. So lovely. Think I’ll have to get myself a pair of proper PJs to lounge in on the weekends now. Looking forward to following along on your family’s journey. Safe and happy travels! 🙂


  2. Oh Courtney, sounds like heaven to me! This Island looks so fantastic in every single picture… My husband and I come from an northern german island, where we still spend a lot of time. I love how the children can discover all this interesting new things on the beach and in the dunes…
    Wishing you an amazing year ahead and of course I will follow your Blog. xxx

  3. I’ve been following Babyccino since my eldest (5) was born and amongst many other things I love your craft projects. And again, this is such a great idea!
    But apart from that you are such an inspiring mom, reminding me again and again to step of the daily treadmill to take and enjoy my time with the kids while they are growing so fast.

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