Slowing down in beautiful Brazil

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After our travels in California last month, having spent a month on the road going from one place to the next, we were all looking forward to staying still for a while and finding that ‘somewhere slower’ we’ve been seeking. Unpack, unwind, slow down, sit still.

We arrived in Brazil ten days ago and found exactly what we were looking for. In a very short space of time we have slipped into a languid pace of life where the only notable markers in each day are sun up and sun down. Clocks and calendars have been forgotten and communication with the outside world is challenging and therefore sparing. We’ve established a familiar routine in this unfamiliar place, so much so that it feels like home. We wake each morning to the sound of chirping birds (or are they monkeys?). We slowly prepare breakfast and coffee. We then move on to lesson time at the big table, followed by reading on the sofa. Some days we go to the beach, some days we walk into town, and some days we simply stay home and enjoy doing very little. When the sun goes down we don our mosquito repellent (a necessity I’m afraid) and head into town for a tapioca crepe or prepare a simple meal at home.

We’ve gradually peeled back the layers of this pretty little town, getting to know the locals and their customs: the farmers’ market on Saturday, the local brunch spot on Sunday, the fruit stand in town, the stationer (and the Portuguese words we need to communicate with him), the guy selling coconuts, the guy selling pineapples, etc. We’ve learned how the tides affect the beaches, how the winds affect the surf, how the hot sun keeps the town still during the day and teeming with life each night.

This area is beautiful with its bold colours, vibrant flowers, and tropical trees. The colourful homes, the smiling people, the music, the food…! We feel inspired every day and simultaneously at ease. Our time here will come to an end but we are comforted in the knowledge that we will return again. Brazil, you have won us over.

(To maintain a smidgeon of privacy in our normally public lives, we’ve chosen not to share our location yet, but we promise to write more and share loads of photos soon.)

23 thoughts on “Slowing down in beautiful Brazil

  1. And rightly so, Courtney. This is your family adventure and part of it, is, I suppose, the anonymity of blending in and ‘off-roading’ for a while. I respect that.
    Beautiful photos and a lovely Friday night treat to read your latest post, whilst I unwind with my book. Have a wonderful family weekend. Xx

    • Thanks! So far, no one is homesick. But for a while, when we were moving around a lot, Marlow kept asking which bed she would sleep in each night. I think the poor girl was a bit confused! She still talks about London, saying things like ‘my tutus are in London’ or ‘my bed in London’, but for the most part I think she feels very at home, especially because she is with both her parents all the time, and especially now that we’re staying in one place for much longer periods.

  2. Hi! A friend suggested I check out this blog; I’m so glad I did! We have four kids as well and will be traveling to South America for a little over a month this summer. I’m now actively following for advice and recommendations. I have so many silly questions (how do we pack water for all of us for that length of time!? Can we amazon prime it??), and not many have traveled with a crew as large/young as ours (they will be 10, 8, 6, and just shy of 2 when we go). Thank you for sharing!

  3. How are you managing with the home schooling? Are you following a curriculum or programme of some kind? I have to say the idea of trying to teach 3 (4?) kids at different ages with what feels like my rather limited knowledge of some subjects sounds terrifying! My father-in-law and I are trying to teach my nephew and my daughter coding and even though he is in IT, he is still having to learn so quickly to keep a stage ahead of the kids 🙂

  4. Court- I just caught up on your posts. Gorgeous photos and so happy to hear you’re truly experiencing somewhere slower. Not easy to do even amongst our big families, but I love that you’re making it happen. So excited for you 6. Happy early birthday to miss Marlow. How did our babies turn 3 so soon?! Much love. xx

  5. The pic of Marlow sucking the coconut through a straw is just pure heaven – all your pictures are gorgeous, and I live vicariously through you, dreaming of a day that we can step out of the rat race and slow down and enjoy our children before they lose their sweet innocent loveliness and become teenagers {Im sure that stage will be just as wonderful, in a different way, I don’t dread it, but I really am enjoying the sweetness right now!!!!} XOXO

  6. Oh it’s so nice to see you’ve decided to give those beautiful children some sort of privacy. They are already so overexposed, sometimes it seems I know more about them than my own nieces and nephews (and those little monkeys are only 2 hours away versus yours being on the other side of the world!). So important to protect these children, after all it is your duty as a responsible parent.

  7. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your blog, I am looking forward to the day my little ones are old enough to travel without buggies, nappy bags etc… I am sure one day I will look back on your posts for inspiration. The painting and timetable flowers are a lovely ideas for learning I hope these ideas will be shared on the babyccinos Pinterest 🎨 I wish you and your family a happy and safe trip

  8. What beautiful memories you’ve captured, Courtney! It’s great to hear your kids are adjusting so well. I would have died to have had time like this with both my parents when I was younger — you’re giving them an incredible gift with this year of adventure you’re all on. This first snippet of a peek into your new-found Brazil life was such a treat, I can’t wait for more posts.

  9. Hi! Just wanted to say how much I love to read about your adventures! However I really wanted to let you know something… I have been/am a primary teacher for 16 years, I am just about to have my fourth child, I love the excitement and challenge that every child I have ever taught has given me, I truly believe that the very best gift we can ‘teach’ our children is the knowledge that we are all learners, learning is life long and will bring us adventures we do not yet know about. I have taught two of my girls and hope to teach my other two one day as well, enjoy all they teach you and do not worry about any of it, we are raising children to live in a world we do not know ourselves, better to have the love of learning and the tanacity your adventures and experiences will bring! Good luck!

  10. Que família linda! Sejam bem vindos ao Brasil, vcs precisam passar pela Amazônia, aguardo vcs em Manaus!!! Bjs

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