Happy birthday Marlow!

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Our baby girl is three! Three going on thirteen. A feisty little firecracker with enough sparkle to last a lifetime. She is incredibly independent, sometimes defiantly so, but oh so smart, curious and socially aware. Now that she’s three she insists she is no longer little, although she is also quick to point out that she still doesn’t know how to swim without ‘floaties,’ so she’s not as big as the others. She works this to her advantage. She knows her place in the family… and it’s definitely a commanding one.

We had all been counting down the days until her birthday with growing excitement. As the day neared, I kept getting flashbacks to three years ago as we awaited her arrival. Those days of anticipation still so fresh in my mind, like it was yesterday, waiting eagerly for our baby to arrive, wondering if it was a boy or girl. And of course I was reminded of her beautiful birth, a vivid memory I will cherish for as long as I live. She was born into the water just minutes before dawn. I reached down and grabbed her, brought her straight to my chest and stared into her eyes. There was a sparkle in those eyes even then.

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since that magical moment and yet it feels like she’s been with us forever. It’s almost impossible to remember our family dynamic before her, such is her presence.

Her birthday was a simple but happy one. I thought I would share a few photos from that morning. She was awoken by her siblings who came rushing into our room, maybe even more excited about the event than she was. She was carried downstairs by Easton and all four of the kids were surprised to discover our traditional birthday bunting, which we had discreetly carried from London, all strung up in our temporary home here in Uruguay. We hung balloons the night before, placed a couple small gifts on the table and the children added the seashell necklaces they had made for her. We surprised her with a colourful, native Brazilian costume we had picked up for her in the markets there and she put it straight on, beaming with pride.

Michael made pancakes, she blew out three little candles, and we sang happy birthday for the first of many times that day.

I love our birthday breakfast traditions (bunting, balloons and pancakes!), and I love that no matter where we are in the world, these traditions will always follow.

18 thoughts on “Happy birthday Marlow!

  1. Such a riot of colour against all that serene white. Maybe symbolic of your littlest little? So happy to see your traditional items resurfacing. Possibly a long shot as you’ll have had it a while, Courtney, but would you mind sharing where you bought your vibrant bunting, please? None look as lovely online. Thank you! Xx

  2. Happy birthday, big Marlow! She reminds me so much on my own girl (turned three in april ) and her position within our family (we too have four children). Do you have the intention to visit Austria during your trip? Have a wonderful day, full of new adventures!

  3. 3 is such a lovely age. My little one turned 3 in April – the oldest of the family though, and eagerly awaiting her new sibling, arriving next April! Happy birthday M – and how lovely you managed to pack the birthday bunting.

  4. Happy belated birthday Marlow. Just love the little costume and the picture of her with her wee tongue out, just delightful, so sweet. So enjoying watching your travels. Very inspiring and uplifting. xx

  5. i cried reading this!!!!!! Cried thinking how fast they grow; somewhere slower indeed ; these moments are fleeting! Happy birthday beautiful girl!!!!

  6. Birthdays are so exciting when your still celebrating in the single digits. Cheers to traditions even when on the road. Love the festive feathery costume!

  7. What a JOY!!! Happy Belated Birthday, bella Mars!!! I cannot believe you are 3!!!!! Sending all of the Adamos a HUGE hug from Marina del Rey!!!!

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