Making alfajores with Delfina

alfajor dough
making alfajores in Uruguay Marlow making alfajores
alfajores with delfina

squeezing dulce de leche on alfajores

grating lime on alfajores

alfajores with lime

I think we tried nearly every type of alfajore you could buy in Uruguay and Argentina, including ones from the very best pastiserias as well as the cheaper name brand ones you can buy in the street markets of Buenos Aires… and we have unanimously decided that the ones we made with Delfina were our favourite.

Delfina and Miguel came over to our house one afternoon during our last week in Uruguay and we spent a few hours making alfajores… and taste-testing the dulce de leche (needs must!). Delfina shared her recipes, both for the ‘plain’ ones and the chocolate versions. We started with two types of dough, but by the end of the afternoon the kids had mixed the two doughs and started creating a marbled version (aka ‘the Adamo’ alfajore).

The kids had so much fun they declared it ‘the best day in Uruguay’. Better than surfing. Even better than horseback riding! If you know Delfina, you’ll understand this affect she has on children (and it may have also had something to do with three opened jars of dulce de leche!!).

I’ve shared the recipe on Babyccino today if you’re interested. (I couldn’t resist sharing the photos here as well. Marlow’s tongue-out face is just too good!)

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  1. Dear Courtney
    It is such a pleasure to see how you teach your children about food, the environment, the culture in the different countries. Your blog is a big inspiration and I always look forward to your images and text.
    Have fun and warm and happy days in New Zealand. Lilith

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