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After a rush to get all of our posts from Chile up by the New Year (a goal I had set for myself once we had reliable internet), I took a couple of weeks off and to enjoy New Zealand and the post-Christmas slowness. Which means I’ve got some catching up to do, so here we go.

We arrived in New Zealand on the 23rd of December after a long but pleasant red-eye flight from Santiago to Auckland. We spent the next day settling in, shaking off the jet-lag and preparing for Christmas. We baked cookies, hung our stockings (from the Ferreira in Pichilemu), wrapped a few small presents (mostly books) for the kids and then waited for my sister to arrive. She landed just before midnight on Christmas Eve, well after the kids had gone to bed.

The kids awoke super early on Christmas morning, of course, and were more excited to see my sister than their stockings. The day felt extra special because of her arrival. We started the day making ‘butterhorn’ cinnamon rolls. Our house did not have an oven so we improvised, baking them on the BBQ (some traditions can’t be skipped)! We opened presents, ate a late breakfast and spent a morning that felt very much like our usual Christmases in London. That was until we packed our beach bags and spent the afternoon at the beach, a first for us! We played on the beach at Pakiri until sunset. The waves were good that day so we barely saw Easton or Michael. Easton said it was, ‘the best way to spend Christmas, ever!’ It was indeed a wonderful Kiwi Christmas. Here are a few photos from that happy morning.

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  1. Your kids are all so beautiful! They will always remember this wonderful trip around the world with their lovely parents (so will you). They are learning so many things they would not learn at School and will never forget this year in their whole live. The family time & Love they are experiencing is worth so much, giving them surely a lot of self-confidence and feeds their little souls with all they need!

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