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When we were in Chile in December, we coincidentally (and luckily!) bumped into another travelling family whom I have been following on Instagram for the past year. This family of four (@ouropenroad) have been travelling around South America in their westy van for the past three years (what an adventure!), and happened to be passing through our little surfing village on their way up to Santiago. We spent three wonderful days with Adam, Emily and their two girls – sunny days on the beach followed by dinners back at our little cabin. After dinner one night, they taught us a really fun charades-type of game, which we played until late that night and which has since become a family favourite over the past couple of months.

We’ve now played the ‘letter game’ (as the kids have called it) so many times that we’ve made our way through the alphabet and now we’re starting over again! It’s a fun activity for when you’re cooped up inside your camper van (or house!) on a rainy day, and the kids have learned lots of new words thanks to Michael and his random additions to the game.  : )

I posted the instructions on Babyccino this week, but also wanted to share the photos here as well — to document a favourite activity over the past couple months. x

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  1. That sounds like a great game!

    I have just started playing a good math game with my children. It is purely luck based, so great for different age groups playing together. The goal is to make 100 (100,.., 1000000 – depending on how challenging you want it). Player 1 throws a dice, notes down the roll (eg. 6), notes the score they choose (60) and the total (60). The other players do the same. Player 1 then throws the dice again (eg. 5), notes the score they choose (5) and their new total (65). If you throw say a 3, you can count it as 3 or 30. The game continues until one person reaches 100 exactly. If a player throws a dice and the total would be higher than 100, the roll is not counted. You can also play by subtracting from a 100.

    This game really helps with addition, subtraction and place value. We usually play to 1,000,000 and use 3 as anything from 3 to 300 to 300,000. My younger one still finds place value in the thousands hard, but managed to win anyway today. Very motivating for her!

    • Hi Dina,
      I love the idea of this game. It sounds like such a great way to practice place values and addition, and I love that you can make it more or less challenging depending on the players. Thank you so much for sharing this. We’ll give it a go tomorrow! x

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