A return to The Blue Mountains, Australia

Wentworth Falls walk

Ivy at Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains

Michael and Marlow

walking across the top of Wentworth Falls

Boys walking in waterfall

kids on Darwin's Walk

The Blue Mountains

We have fond memories of visiting the Blue Mountains six years ago. It was our first campervan trip through Australia and this beautiful region was our first stop after picking up our camper in Sydney. I still remember the excitement of getting on the road and the novelty of campervan life. Not to mention, the incredible beauty of those mountains. The dramatic scenery and long hikes remain a highlight from that first visit to Australia.

So it was an easy decision where to spend our first nights in our campervan this time around. We drove west out of Sydney (after a few wrong turns and confusion navigating the tunnels and bridges!) and headed straight to Wentworth Falls for an afternoon walk in the same place we hiked six years ago. Our memory of this magical place did not fail us. It was just as spectacular as we recalled—breath-taking views, gorgeous bush, lofty waterfalls and precarious tracks threading along rocky precipices.

That night we camped at the Blackheath Glen Campsite. We woke the next morning, grabbed coffee in town, and then made our way over to the nearby Govetts Leap lookout for another scenic walk down to the Bridal Veil Falls.

Here are some photos from our two days in the Blue Mountains. Unfortunately my Nikon’s battery was completely dead when we arrived. Since we weren’t camping in a powered site, I couldn’t charge it, so I had to settle for iPhone photos alone. It’s a good thing the Blue Mountains are so photogenic!

15 thoughts on “A return to The Blue Mountains, Australia

  1. Even with an iPhone your children look wonderful and the Blue Mountains look spectacular! Enjoy the rest of Oz, I’m loving following your travels, it’s hugely inspiring. I’m taking my 3 little ones to Costa Rica for 5 weeks in the summer and I hope we have even half as much fun as you guys seem to.

    • How exciting to take your three little ones to Costa Rica for five weeks! I’m sure you will have an incredible time! We’ve never been, but Costa Rica looks and sounds so wonderful, safe and family-friendly. And the sunshine!!! 🙂 x

  2. Hi Courtney! What Kind of camera do you have? Can you tell me the model? Because I love all your pictures. Thanks!

    • Hi Maria, thanks for your kind comment about our photos. Most of my photos lately have been taken with my iPhone 6 because I started having problems with my auto-focus on my favourite lens (and our other lens was deep at the bottom of my suitcase). But our ‘real’ camera is a Nikon D7100. Hope that helps! x

    • Hi Carey,
      Unfortunately, we won’t be visiting Africa on this trip. We’re hoping to visit when the kids are all a bit older. In terms of Asia, next month we’ll be heading to Japan and then traveling down to Sri Lanka before flying back to Europe for the summer. x

      • My husband and I are dying to go to Japan so look forward to seeing your pictures! You guys need to add India to your hit list, spent 3 months there when I was 18 and the experience is truly life changing and a serious adventure for kids, some of my childhood friends moved their when they were tiny (South African mom and New Zealander dad) riding camels and traveling in the mountains and playing in forest and on beaches:) Not sure if you’re familiar with this blog http://www.journeymama.com but her family also lived there if you want to read some real life experience:)

  3. We are taking our littles (8&10) to NZ, next Canadian winter, for 6 months or so. Id love to see some posts on the logistics of travel with kids – airport/airplane tips, homeschool ideas, food, clothing/packing. How about some top ten list on things that saved you, things you wish you had brought/not brought, things that make or break the travel…

    • Hi Lisa,
      How exciting that you’re planning a big trip to NZ next winter! What a wonderful decision! Thanks for all your blog post suggestions – they’re all great. I wish we had more time in our day to write down more of these types of top ten and travel tips posts, but there’s just not enough time in the day. We’re trying our hardest to stay up to date with recording our travels, but even still we fall behind with that. We are, however, hoping to write a post with some homeschooling tips. We’ll hopefully get that up soon!
      Good luck with planning your trip. The planning bit is such an exciting time – all the anticipation of the adventure to come! x

  4. Greetings from Indonesia!

    My family will visit Australia for the first time this October. We put Blue Mountain (Leura, Echo Point, Three Sisters) in our must-do list. I (religiously) follow your family trip on Instagram and when you post about these pictures (Wentworth Falls), I showed them to my husband right away. The pathways with rocks is so breathtaking that my husband said “Put Wentworth Falls on our list!!”.

    I really hope that our family (with a 3 years old son) as fit as you guys are 🙂
    Thank you for inspiring us!!

    Can’t wait to see your posts about Japan, we went to Japan on our honeymoon, and it was an unforgettable place!

  5. Hi Courtney! I love hearing your words and seeing your photos of your travels, they remind me so much of my year in Australia! I have also loved your style, both for yourself & for your children for such a long time and love seeing the beautiful clothes you all wear on your travels. I was wondering if the sandals you & Marlow have are Palmaira Sandals? If they are, would you recommend them for quality? Thanks in advance! Emily 🙂

    • Hi Emily,
      Thanks for your sweet comment! Yes, the sandals we have are Palmaira Sandals: http://palmairasandals.com. We LOVED them and the quality is amazing! I need to order another pair for Marlow because she’s nearly outgrown hers (and I’m tempted to buy myself another colour as well!). 😉 x

      • Thanks for your reply! I think I will have to treat myself to a pair for summer. Just need to keep my fingers crossed for some London sun! Happy & safe travels! xx

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