Quin’s 9th birthday and a walk up to the lighthouse in Byron Bay




group walk to lighthouse

wategos beach



view from lighthouse



Quin turned nine last week on one of our last days in Australia. We had been talking about his special day for weeks and counting down the days. We decided we would wait until his birthday to do the famous lighthouse walk in Byron. We also planned a little party to celebrate his day with all of our new friends (a great opportunity to say goodbye to them as well).

We woke up early… we had no choice. The kids came rushing into our bedroom before the sun was even up, the earliest they’ve been awake in months! Quin donned the birthday crown, opened a few small presents and sweet cards from his siblings, and gobbled up Nutella crêpes for breakfast.

For lunch we met our friends at The Top Shop (Quin’s choice!) and then walked from there to the lighthouse together. It was such a beautiful walk and a wonderful way to spend the warm afternoon. By the time we made it up to the lighthouse, we were running late to prep for the party. Michael and the boys decided to hitchhike a ride down to our car, which in this part of the world is not that unusual. Still Quin found it thrilling to hitchhike. It may have been the highlight of his day!! ☺

That evening we had a BBQ party with many of the new friends we’d made during our month in Byron Bay. It was a very fun, festive evening, ending with 9 candles and a tray of gooey chocolate brownies. Quin was such a happy boy! I think this 9th birthday in Byron Bay will be one he’ll remember forever.

5 thoughts on “Quin’s 9th birthday and a walk up to the lighthouse in Byron Bay

  1. Awww sounds like you had a lovely day! Quin is such a handsome little boy – those blue eyes are just beautiful!

  2. The resemblance between Michael and Quin is uncanny.. They (and Marlow) have the same expression!! Happy 9th birthday sweet, sweet Quin!! You still got more upcoming birthdays right? Hugs from Indonesia. (Visit us!) xx

  3. Isn’t that so funny? I think Quin looks more like Courtney than any of these lovely kiddos!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures – so fun to follow along with you all!!!

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