Wilkie at 3 Months Old

Our sweet baby boy is three months old! Time seems to be on fast-forward these days. The three month mark – it’s a milestone I always partly welcome and partly dread at the same time. On one hand, things seem to become more predictable by three months – sleep and feeding schedules more routine – and life seems just a tad bit easier. But on the flip side, those wonderful, blurry, sleepy, magical newborn days become a distant memory, the baby bubble gone before you know it. The closeness and dependency of those early months starts to wane, and little by little you can feel the separation — the end of the fourth trimester, the start of independence and a more awakened baby.

It’s funny how you don’t really notice your baby growing until the newborn onesies suddenly stop fitting and you have to go up a size in nappies. It seems to happen overnight! At some point we also stopped holding him swaddled up in the crease of our arms and started carrying him upright against our shoulder. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were holding him so tenderly?

Our Bugaboo buggy had been parked in the garage long before Wilkie was born, patiently awaiting its future passenger. Every time I saw it, it felt like it belonged to a distant future. And then suddenly… he’s big enough to sit in it! After carrying him against my chest for three months, suddenly he’s happy all on his own – being pushed around by Michael and the kids as I watch from a distance. I am excited about this transition (my shoulders especially!) and a bit sad too. It’s a bittersweet time letting go of that newborn phase, acknowledging their developing independence. Maybe even more so this time because I know that each one of these milestones and transitions marks the very end of a period in motherhood I will never experience again.

I snapped these photos last week on the school run. A typical afternoon — Marlow in her ever present tutu (and wellies, of course!), helping to push the buggy. Wilkie utterly content riding all the way to school and back. An everyday yet special moment in time I felt keen to capture.

8 thoughts on “Wilkie at 3 Months Old

  1. Same same same! My boy is 15 weeks, i just had to go out and get him new onesies because suddenly the ones that seemed HUGE are too tight on him! This is my first which comforts me, knowing (hoping) I’ll get to do this a few times again but also cherishing every moment with him during this tender time xo

  2. I admire the way you seem to have such a high percentage of family time together. How do you and Michael fathom out a work life balance that seems so effortless? X

    • Yes, the sheepskin liner is from Bugaboo. (I’m borrowing it from a friend, so I didn’t purchase it. But I would think you can find it for sale online!) x

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