Annual summer photos with Sara Welch

Every year, for the past seven or eight years, Sara Welch has taken photos of the kids during our summer holidays in the US. She comes over to my dad’s farm — the place where I grew up — and snaps photos of the children while they are playing in the fields, riding around on bicycles, picking veggies and berries from the garden and running around barefoot and carefree. There are photos of Marlow sitting on that same little wooden bridge every year since she was a baby — you can see last year’s photos here and the photos from the year before here. It’s so crazy to see how much the children change from year to year!

Sara usually spends less than an hour with us, and yet somehow always manages to capture the children’s personalities so perfectly. I love how this year she snapped Easton with his hand in his hair (a new habit of his!), Marlow with her tongue out (a habit she hasn’t grown out of), sweet Ivy becoming ever so slightly more conscious of the camera, and Quin always holding the baby so tenderly. And of course Wilkie! Our new addition — you can see from these photos how adored he is.

There is something so heartwarming about seeing these photos of my kids playing in the same place where I spent my childhood summers. I can see myself in each of them, and can recognise that carefree feeling of summer and the familiar sights and smells of that farm — the long, sunny days, the way the dried dirt feels beneath your feet, the taste of freshly picked raspberries still warm from the sun, the crunch of carrots from the garden, the golden colour of the wheat in the fields. Summer!

Thank you so much, Sara, for capturing our kids year after year in this special spot. We really do treasure these photos.


9 thoughts on “Annual summer photos with Sara Welch

  1. Beautiful photos Courtney. Such a magical place, gorgeous light and a beautiful family you have. Every time I see photos of the entire family I want 5 babies as well 🙂 Love following your family. You are an inspiration to me. Love, Claudia

  2. Such beautiful photos! I particularly love the photos of Easton – he is looking SO much older, not just by looks, but also the way he comes across in these photos!

  3. Oh my goodness, Courtney! These just must make your heart burst! So much love in every photo. And Wilkie!!!! Can’t imagine your family without him now. So happy for you all. I do hope our paths cross one day xx

  4. Such beautiful earthy tones in your clothing this year. I especially adore the photos of Ivy with the flowers, Ivy in Michael’s arms…and the appearance of the skateboard! Truly, so very precious.

  5. Hi Courtney, do you print these photos off into an album each year? Can you recommend a good way to do this? Do you generally add comments under the photos or just let the photos speak for themselves? I would love to know whether you have a good system for making albums that works…lots of love x

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