Our new home — more photos

Our architect, Fiona Gibson, had the house photographed a few months ago for her website and recently shared them with me. I know we’ve already shared the photos of our home featured on The Design Files, but Fiona’s photographer, Natalie McComas, snapped a few more photos of rooms not featured before, specifically our ensuite bathroom, the laundry room, and some exterior shots. I thought I would share them here for any house renovation enthusiasts. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s interesting seeing these photos now, as I can already tell the difference between then and now in terms of how lived-in our home has become. Shelves are fuller, there’s more art on the walls, the white walls are probably a little less white (!), and this house just feels more alive and loved and less like a newly renovated house. But I’m thankful to have these photos of our house in its newness!

8 thoughts on “Our new home — more photos

    • Haha! It’s in our ensuite bathroom, and yes I do love it! It’s just hard to get a good photo of it. But I’ll try to snap a photo at some point to share! xx

    • Hi Katie,
      We have a basement under the house where most of the toys and games are kept. The kids often go down there and play, which is nice because it keeps the house from getting too messy. Our house is small, so I’ve found that it’s best to keep it quite minimal or else it becomes a huge mess really quickly. Also, as I mentioned in the text, these photos were taken shortly after we moved in — it’s become much more lived-in and cluttered in the few months that have passed. ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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