Stick loom weaving on a grey morning

loom weaving close-up quin stick weaving stick loom weaving
Quin and Ivy weaving
Ivy weaving
finished stick looms
This is a project I’ve wanted to do with the kids for the past few years, so when I found a collection of my old yarn in my childhood closet a few weeks ago, I decided to bring it down to Bainbridge with this craft project in mind.

Last week we went for a long beach walk in search of wishbone sticks (which are surprisingly more difficult to find than we thought!), and the following morning we woke up to unusual grey skies and misty weather. It was the perfect morning to spend inside, curled up together with our wishbone sticks and the basket of yarn. Ivy and Quin were especially excited about this project, and the three of us sat on the day bed quietly weaving our yarn.

It’s surprising how addictive this project is — once we had finished our weavings, we were back out on the beach searching for more wishbone sticks. I’m excited to return to the beach this weekend for more weaving (I’ve heard rainy weather is on the forecast!).

3 thoughts on “Stick loom weaving on a grey morning

  1. I love this idea and recently found a stick perfect for it. Love your courage to go on your family adventure and totally relate to the ideals of a slower more connected life. Seasons pass us by and sometimes we fail to notice, this is a waste of life. You are teaching your children a really valuable and amazing life skill that will help them and be with them forever. Rushing benefits no one, after all Mother Nature teaches us the best lessons and she rushes for no one! Best wishes from Wicklow, Ireland x

  2. Been following you on instagram and didn’t realize you had a blog. Wonderful. This stick weaving…I’m curious to see what you’ve done with the finished product! So sweet! Also, have fun in Uruguay!! My husband and I were in Bs. As. last spring and really wanted to take a trip there!

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