A bike ride on the Padilla Bay Trail















One of the things I love most about spending our summers here in the US is being able to watch my children enjoy the same special places I enjoyed as a child, places where they can roam free and let their imaginations run wild. For six weeks every year my little city mice get the chance to enjoy the contrast of country life, and every year they return to London with a greater appreciation for nature and a confidence that comes from the independence they’ve enjoyed all summer long.

This year, of course, we won’t be returning to London, so these experiences are just the beginning of a year-long adventure for our family. But being here in this familiar place offers a comfortable starting point for our family to adjust to this slower pace and prepare for the coming year.

The Padilla Bay trail is just around the corner from the farm where I grew up.  We used to go on family bike rides here in this pretty spot when I was little, and I used to jog here as a teenager preparing for the cross-country team in high school. There is something about watching my kids on this trail that takes me back to my own childhood and blurs the line between past and present. Walking behind them as they ride along with my dad, watching them as they stop in the same places to pick berries or throw stones into the water, I am reminded of my past and I feel grateful for the familiarity a simple walk can provide.

9 thoughts on “A bike ride on the Padilla Bay Trail

  1. What a beautiful part of the world! Watching your children enjoy experiences that you loved as a child must evoke all sorts of childhood memories. How lovely for you all. Emma x

  2. Amazing! I also just finished reading your piece in the London ES and as soon as I got to the part about your ferry ride to the San Juan Islands, my eyes welled up! It was so beautifully written. I am beyond excited for you all — what an adventure it will be! Looking forward to following along. xx

  3. Dear Courtney,
    following your IG Feed, your Blog, your growing family the past years was so amazing. This summer I am so enjoying your “visit to the family” on IG and now on this Blog and seeing these pictures makes me wonder: Can someone go back to London and enjoy city life after so much quiet time? I mean, I LOVE London, I LOVE big cities, but seeing your pics shows that there is so much more to life than the everyday rush and the hectic. No matter where we are, I am so sure, that we all have to calm down and slow down our schedules. Life is amazing, but we shouldn´t forget to ENJOY every single Day!
    Thanks for the reminder!!!
    Love, Vera xxx

  4. Hi Dear Friends!
    Courtney, this is such a fantastic blog and your writing is heartfelt and inspiring. I will be following you all as you embark on this extraordinary adventure. Please call when you’re in LA. I’d love to see you all before tou leave.
    Godspeed and Enjoy Every Moment!

    • I don’t agree Mary. I think with the boys growing up they’re becoming more independent and this would perhaps lend itself to BOTH of them not featuring as much as the girls who will naturally be with their parents more as they are younger.

  5. Hi Courtney, I remember reading somewhere that you took a photography course in preparation for your upcoming travels. I recently received a “good” camera from my dad- but like you, I’ve been mostly too intimidated by it to use it on any setting except ‘auto.’ Was the course you took online? Or was it something you went to in London? And if it was online, would you mind sharing what it was? Thank you

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