A day with friends in Santa Cruz, Chile

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Back in June when I first wrote about our upcoming travels, Maria Paz Mujica from Santiago, co-founder of the Cuando Dejamos de Dormir blog, reached out to me to ask if we would be travelling through Chile. We weren’t sure of our plans at the time but we stayed in touch and she offered loads of tips and recommendations for us. After arriving to Chile at the start of this month, Maria Paz invited us out to her family house in Lolol, near Santa Cruz, for a day of touring and eating in beautiful Chilean wine country.

We spent last Saturday with Maria Paz, her husband, her adorable family and her friend and blogging partner, Paula Elizalde, and her family. We went for a horse-and-buggy ride through Maria Paz’s family orchard and vineyard, enjoyed a delicious ‘asado’ lunch (followed by cake and fresh strawberry juice) and then spent a beautiful, sunny evening touring the nearby Santa Cruz vineyard and museum. We took the gondola up the mountain for stunning views of the vineyards and valley below. We learned about the growing of the grapes, how the wine is made, and about the history of the region and the native Chilean people.

As we drove home that night the sun was low in the sky, casting a pink glow on the gorgeous Chilean countryside. We chatted about all of the amazing experiences of the day and remarked, as we did before in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, how it is these special days spent in the homes of locals that make the fondest memories. We have been overwhelmed by the kindness, generosity and warmth of the people here in South America.

8 thoughts on “A day with friends in Santa Cruz, Chile

  1. Idyllic photographs Courtney. I am so inspired by your artistic eye.
    Safe onwards travels-I keep wondering whether you’ll be in New Zealand or Australia for Christmas and NYE. Here in Cheshire, mild and sunny! X

  2. Beautiful photos of your time in Chile. I love reading your blog and look forward to seeing the updates on the places you visit. Happy Christmas from a rather wet and windy Kent to you and your family. Enjoy New Zealand and all the adventures to come X

  3. Oh just lying in bed with a sick child looking at your warm and beautiful adventure and wish we could be there with you!!!!!!!!! Beautiful photos. Loving this journey xoxo

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