Surfing in Puertecillo with Ismael (and a video!)

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Michael met Ismael from Oceanos Chile while out surfing at Punta de Lobos one day. From the shore, it looked like a random tired swimmer hopped onto Michael’s board for a rest (the kids were worried it was a swimming pirate! haha), but in reality Michael was getting insider tips from one of the best surf instructors in the area. When they came out of the water I could tell immediately from Michael’s happy face and Ismael’s warm smile that we had met a friend.

We spent the next day on the beach with Ismael. He explained the way the waves, winds and currents work in Pichilemu, and why Punta de Lobos is one of the best surfing spots in the world. His passion and knowledge for the water captivated us and he had six eager surfers excited to learn (yes, me included!).

After our initial surf lesson, Ismael suggested we should venture further up the coast to another famous surf break at Puertecillo. He met us early the next morning and we packed a picnic, picked up fresh bread at the best ‘panaderia’ in town and then drove up the coast to Puertecillo where the waves are consistent and gentle, perfect for us beginners.

Our day in Puertecillo with Ismael is one we will remember fondly. A day of surfing, eating, and sand castle building, followed by warm chai tea to thaw our frozen bodies, and a pretty drive back up the coast as the sun set over the Pacific. We learned so much from Ismael, not only about surfing, but also about the history, culture and nature of this pretty country.

****Michael cut together this little ‘surfing highlights’ montage from footage of that day. I love it so, so much I could watch it on a loop over and over!!***


26 thoughts on “Surfing in Puertecillo with Ismael (and a video!)

  1. I love this too! It The joy in their faces. There is nothing quite like feeling the power of the sea and mastering it just enough to feel the thrill It offers. Merry Christmas to you all! xxxxxx

  2. I think it’s so cool how you guys are traveling around. It’s so great for your children to have these experiences. These are memories you guys will all treasure for all of your lives. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments.

  3. you are giving your children the most amazing experiences. it’s such an inspiration. thank you for keeping up with th blog so that we can all share along. it’s fantastic.
    tried to read the name of the beach shelter tent but couldn’t. would you share which one it is?

  4. Just wonderful, it’s pure joy! Thank you for sharing your adventures, it is so uplifting!
    Happy travels and Happy Christmas to you all!

  5. Love the philosophy behind your travels. A gift you and your children will be able to treasure forever. How easily we forget to be present and enjoy those times with the ones we love. We hope you enjoy Australia as much as South America. If you need any travel tips for the east coast we are happy to provide advice. Port Stephens is a very special place to our family you should visit the beaches here.

  6. On Sunday night I watched your surf video, on Monday my labor started. While I was birthing (in bath) your video kept coming up in my mind and helped me surf through🌊🏄🏻. At 2 pm our son Roman was born (in water). So apart from giving birth of your and my first baby on the same day in 2005, you also helped me deliver my 3rd baby 😊🙏🏻 this week. Thank you!

    • That is such an amazing story. You’ve just given me goosebumps! Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy, and I am so happy to hear about your beautiful water birth. Enjoy these precious new days with your 3rd baby. Lots of love. xx

      • Thank you! We all enjoyed these first days with him, so lucky he arrived in the middle of a school holiday :). Enjoy NZ and your trip!

  7. I’ve followed you and your family for quite a while now but never really took the time to go visit your older blog posts. This video made me bawl my eyes out… I just wanna pack up the family and leave our everyday life here in Sweden, and go far far away. I guess that adventure will have to wait now. But this inspired me tremendously <3

    • Oh you’re so sweet to leave this comment. Thank you. Let’s hope we can all start dreaming up our next adventure soon! xx

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