Friday Farmers Market in Mullumbimby

quin picking out tomatoes

Ivy buying bananas




craft table

Lena and Millie

Millie and Aggie

basket of fruit



So many people recommended we visit the Friday morning Farmers Market in Mullumbimby that we knew we couldn’t miss it. We finally made it today and we’re so glad we did. It’s on from 8 until 11am so we ate breakfast hurriedly, skipped our traditional home schooling routine and took the lessons to the market.

Michael wrote out questions for the older kids in their journals and gave them each $10 to spend. He asked them to keep track of what they bought and how much everything cost. We strolled through the market, stopping to pick up local fruit, vegetables and other goodies. There was an impressive assortment, with lots of prepared foods on offer as well. The kids were especially excited to discover the Australian grown tropical fruit stand which had some varieties they hadn’t seen since we were in Brazil last October.

After buying loads of great produce, bread and a couple coffees, we sat down with the kids and helped them answer the questions in their journals. They tallied up what they spent and reported how much change they had left. They also wrote down the most interesting things they saw, the favourite things they ate (star fruit, mango-passion fruit ice blocks, purple bananas!), and so on. Meanwhile Marlow joined the children’s arts and crafts table and I mingled with friends.

We left the market with a big basket of fresh produce and bigger smiles on our faces. We see why the locals love this place so much. It’s not just a market. It’s a happy and relaxed community get-together centred on the simple pleasures in life. Another plus for life in this lovely region.

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  1. Purple bananas sound delightful! Such a laid back scene; I’m looking forward to reading your Byron Bay post – this place seems such a magical part of Aus and I’m desperate to bring my family. Enjoy!

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