A weekend with friends and a visit to the Tea Tree lakes, Byron Bay


Chloe and baby Nell

easton and quin walking

Ivy and Tenny

Ivy on path

chloe and nell in lake


quin swimming

sleeping nell

everyone in lake

ivy running

Marlow on path to tea tree lake

walking back home


This weekend we were visited by our friends from Sydney, the Wheelers. Chloe, Charlie and their three kids had taken us to their favourite spots in Sydney and this weekend we got to reverse roles, showing them our favourite spots here in Byron Bay. It’s funny how having guests can give you a new appreciation for the place you live. Granted, we are still tourists here but showing the Wheelers around reminded us how special this part of Australia is and how much we love it here. We also got to introduce them to the many friends we’ve made.

On Sunday we picnicked at the Tea Tree lakes beyond Tallows Beach. Locals had told us that the Tea Tree lakes, with their medicinal qualities, are sacred to the indigenous Bundjalong women. Historically, aboriginal women would gather here to birth and wash in the dark, tea tree oil infused waters. Because of this, they retain a spiritual and cultural significance, and many people speak of the spiritual or feminine energy of these lakes.

We enjoyed a long day here, dipping in and out of the water, picnicking on the adjacent sands and conversing as the warm Autumn sun lowered to the horizon. We walked quietly back to our cars (no easy feat with seven kids in tow) hoping to spot Wallabies in the bush. You should have seen how excited the kids were when we spotted some! As the sky turned pink and rainbow lorikeets flew noisily overhead, it was hard to imagine a better day.

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  1. I had forgotten how amazing dipping in the tea tree lakes were. Tingling! Thank you for the memory jog!

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