The family that surfs together…

It’s no secret that we have fallen hard for the surfing bug. Who would have thought this family of London kids would take so easily to the waves?! There’s no going back now. We’re surf obsessed. My auntie Laura came to visit a few weeks ago and she managed to snap some photos of everyone enjoying their new favourite pastime.

Of course, enthusiasm doesn’t equate to skill. We have much to learn and we’re enjoying that process. Instead of travelling over the school holidays, we stayed in our little slice of paradise and spent nearly every afternoon in the water. Quin and Marlow made the biggest improvements. Quin, who until recently, has been timid in the waves, gained so much confidence over the summer. He’s now a committed long boarder. And Marlow, who doesn’t have any issues with confidence, simply got better at riding waves all the way to the shore, after a little push from Michael (note his concentration in the photos).

Even I caught the surf bug. After two years watching from the beach, I decided it was time to get out and discover what all the fuss was about. More than anything, I was excited to paddle around on a board, just me, no children, no baby — a chance to unwind and get some time all to myself. Getting exercise and building strength was a bonus. And of course the adrenaline rush of catching waves! I got a new pink surf board for Christmas, which gave me the push I needed. I figured even if I can’t catch a wave, I can look like I know what I’m doing! 🙂

In the past couple weeks, the swell has picked up and the waves have been notably bigger. Michael and Easton, the bravest surfers, have enjoyed these bigger waves. It’s really been wonderful to watch Easton out in the surf, becoming more and more confident, making it all look so effortless as he turns up and down on the waves. He even made it into a barrel for the first time a few weeks ago. Apparently that’s a big deal in the world of surfing. More for me to work on, I guess…

More than anything, I’m so happy we’ve found a sport that we all love and can experience together. Some of my favourite moments are when I’m sitting on my board waiting for a wave and one of my kids paddles up next to me. How wonderful to enjoy the ocean together!

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  1. just yesterday i was showing the photos of easton on the board to marcelo and he was saying, wow lucky him! one day i send him to you for a surf camp:)

  2. OMG, what a timely, strangely serendipitous post! I started following you about 8 mths ago as we are a family of four who embarked on our own year of discovery just before Christmas. This afternoon we posted our first article – about our first family surf lesson in Bali! (Take a look if you like, it might make you chuckle and bring back memories of Brazil! Thanks for the post, and giving us a taste of what we have to look forward to!

  3. We were just in Costa Rica taking lessons together again for the second year. I loved watching my son get better and the pure joy he had out there. We even caught a wave together – such a thrill! There was another family of 6 all with their boards and it made my dreams of living on the beach even stronger. So special you are all getting to learn something new together and yes, being out in the ocean on the board solo is an amazing pace to be! Enjoy!!

  4. Oh Courtney! You all look so happy and healthy and Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. I miss you all and send you big, big hugs and love. Susan

  5. So wonderful to see you all together.
    We are on a trip with our four girls through New Zealand and Australia and our girls also love to surf.
    We are from Belgium so the girls learned to surf on our trip but they seem to be hooked and if they could choose they would be on a surfboard every day.

    We are now travelling the Great Ocean Road but will be in Byron bay in a week.
    Maybe you could recommend someone to give them an extra surflessen in Byron Bay, that would be very helpful.

    Thank you all for being such an inspiration to us!!!!!

    • Hi Katrien,

      It sounds like you’re on such a wonderful adventure! How exciting that you’ll be up in Byron next week.
      We have a surf coach who has given Easton a few lessons, and I took a lesson from her a couple months ago and found it super helpful!
      Her name is Ainsley Schumacher and her number is: +61 448481542.
      Safe and happy travels! x

  6. So cool! Miss your posts here, your readers would like to know more about the differences between rising children in London and Byron Bay 🙂 Have a lovely day!

  7. Hi Courtney,
    We are about to move from London to Australia with our 3 kids (8, 6 and 18 months). Have all of your kids developed Ozzie accents or do they have English/American accents? We have a friend who moved pre kids yet one of her 3 now speaks with a completely English accent mimicking her despite having always been in Australia. I’m English but my husband is from New Zealand. I’m just so curious to see what happens with our kids!

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