Summer, baby baths and juicy watermelon

Our friend and photographer, Bridget Wood, stopped by earlier this summer to take some photos of our family for a feature on the Moda Familia site. Most of the photos are featured on Moda Familia, along with interview questions and answers, but I just wanted to share a few photos here to document this moment in time for our family. Β It was mid November, the onset of summer, the kids were looking forward to Christmas and summer holidays, the weather was hot and humid, and Wilkie was taking mid-day baths in his enamel bowl to keep cool (what will we do when he no longer fits in that thing?!). We had bought a big, juicy watermelon for the kids to enjoy, and Bridget snapped away as the kids got sticky with watermelon.

In the past couple months since these photos were taken, the kids have changed so much. All the kids now have sun-kissed skin and blonder hair, Marlow got a haircut and had a growth spurt, Ivy grew taller, Easton and Quin have gotten stronger from all the surfing (with muscles forming that make them look more like little men than boys), and Wilkie has practically doubled in size. It’s crazy how much growth (both physical and emotional) happens over the summer holidays. Just looking at these photos makes it all the more evident. Marlow starts kindergarten next week and Easton starts high school. High school! Big changes happening soon. Thankfully I’ve got these sweet photos to always look back on.

3 thoughts on “Summer, baby baths and juicy watermelon

  1. Such beautiful photos. Can I ask was the move to Australia a hard one? Do you miss the uk at all? There is a possibility we have to move to Byron for work and I’m excited but also really nervous. It’s so far away from all that i know over here. Was it hard for your family to adjust? Or was traveling a good distraction from that for the first year? X

  2. Hi i am living in Turkey.(I don’t know English.I apologize if my spelling mistakes).We are following you on instagram and from the day i started following you,my life has changed so much.You bare such an inspiration for me.Thanks to you ,i started to live more natural.I love all the things about nature now like flowers, trees, sea.Because Australia has so many good breathaking landscapes.Also i love your family.Especially Easton and Marlow, but also other.If you write me an answer i will be very happy.Take care of you!(instagram=@zeynsule)

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