Our second Australian Christmas

Though this was our third southern hemisphere Christmas (NZ in 2015, AU in 2016 & 2017), celebrating in the height of summer still feels a bit strange (and probably always will). This year we relinquished some of the traditions we’ve always kept and looked to embrace new ones. The kids started the morning in their stripey Christmas jammies as ever, but had stripped down to their undies by breakfast time. It was just too hot for pyjamas! Instead of wool socks in their stockings, they each got a new swimsuit. And instead of the usual eggs for breakfast, we sliced up mangoes and papayas and enjoyed them with cold yoghurt. It was actually the tastiest papaya we’d ever eaten.

But some traditions are just too good to let go. With our desk fan futilely blasting air into our steamy kitchen, I insisted on making my mom’s butterhorns (cinnamon rolls) on Christmas morning. Michael thought it was crazy to turn the oven on, but I insisted. The dough was limp from the heat and humidity so rolling it out into spirals was a challenge, but we got there in the end, and they were devoured as usual. Our Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them.

We joined our friends for Christmas lunch, poolside. The kids swam while the grown-ups chatted and played table tennis. Everyone brought a dish and we enjoyed an assortment of cold salads, oysters and prawns–Christmas lunch the Australian way!

That evening, as we drove home, a big tropical storm rolled in with heavy rains, thunder and lightening. The storm brought cool relief to our sweltering home so the kids happily donned their Christmas pyjamas and played a board game they’d received from Santa. With Christmas songs on the stereo and candles alight on the table, there was a hint of the cosy Christmases we have always known. Just a hint. : ) We woke the next morning and spent all of Boxing Day at the beach. As you do….

P.S. Here’s the blog post from last year’s Christmas–my how little the kids look!

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